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Let the Quran be recited throughout the day in your house with this touch lamp Quran speaker. Have your children listen and learn the Quran with special features. High quality Quran voice speaker with different light effects which give you the same perfect experience. Simply change the light mode by a simple hand touch. Full recitation by 18 different famous Imams and 15 different translations.
Comes with a remote to select the Imam, Translation, Surah, and much more. Features Sahih Al-Bukhari, Al- Qaqida Al-Nuraniah, Hisn Al-Muslim, Al-Ruqia Al-shar’ia, and more. NEW FEATURES: Clock and Azan Voice

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1. Plays any Quran surah by pressing a button on remote
2. Plays Quran audio word by word; easy to learn Quran
3. Quran translation: select your native language to understand Ayat meanings
4. Supports any MP3 audio files
5. Combine and single modes available: To listen to Quran audio and any translation together (combine mode), press the MODE button again, for Quran only (single mode)
6. FM radio function
7. 18 reciters and 15 languages
8. Different Light modes and effects
9. External audio input interface
10. Automatic emergency light function when powered off.
11. Timed player

Famous reciters:
1) Abdul Basit Adbul Samad
2) Abdul Rehman Al-Hudaify
3) Abdul Rehman ssudais
4) Abdullah Awad al-Juhani
5) Abdul Basfar
6) Abdullah Matrood
7) Adu Bakr Al Shatry
8) Ahmad Neana
9) Ahmed Al-Ajmi
10) Hani Ar Rifae
11) Ibrahim Al Akhdar
12) Khalifa Al Tunaiji
13) Maher Al-Muaiqly
14) Mahmoud Ali Al Banna
15) Mahmood Khalil Al Hussary
16) Mishary bin Rashid Al-Efasy
17) Mohammad Al Tablaway
18) Mohammad Ayyoub
19) Mohammad Siddique Minshawi
20) Muhammad Jibreel
21) Qari Barkatullah Saleem
22) Saad Al- Ghamdi
23) Salah Al Budair
24) Salah bin Abdul Rahman Bukhatir
25) Saood ash Shuraym
26) Word by word Recitation
27) Mohammad Ibrahim
28) Muhammad Khalil Alhusary with Children
29) Others

Translation languages:
1) Azerbaijani Translation
2) Bangla Translation
3) Bosnian Translation
4) Dari Translation
5) English Transaltion
6) English Translation Pickthal
7) French Translation
8) German Transaltion
9) Gujarati Transaltion
10) Hindi Translation
11) Indonesian Translation
12) Kazakh Translation
13) Kurdish Translation
14) Malayalam Translation
15) Malaysian Translation
16) Pashto Translation
17) Persian(Farsi) Translation
18) Portuguese Translation
19) Russian Translation
20) Somali Transaltion
21) Swahili Translation
22) Spanish Translation
23) Turkish Translation
24) Urdu Translation
25) Uzbek Translation
26) Others

Remote Functions:
1. Use the remote to control the Quran speaker and enjoy listening.
2. Sahih Al-Bukhari, Al- Qaqida AL-Nuraniah, Hisn Al-Muslim, Al-Ruqia Al-shar’ia, and more.
3. Supports MP3 function. You can download Islamic music, speech etc. You can then play them on the speaker through the remote
4. Supports recording function
5. Equipped with high-definition speaker, the sound quality is perfect
6. Supports TF card slot extension

Memory card:16GB
Bluetooth version:4.0
Support: AUX connect,Micro, SD card, FM radio
Battery Li-ion:3.7V 1800mah
Input Power:DC 5V/1A
Lamp Power:1.6W
Charging time:1-3 hours
Speaker:52mm 4Ω 5W
Working time:over 5 hours
Transfer anddistance:10meter-15meter
Material: ABS(UV dealing), Silicon

Packaging & Shipping
1. Package includes: touch lamp Quran speaker, remote, USB cable, USA charger, card
2. Product Dimensions: 122 mm x 94 mm
3. High Quality Gift Box Size: 16 x 20 x 11 cm
4. Box weight: 0.800 kg


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