My Quran Speaker – For Children


The Best Gift for your little ones. Help them memorize the Quran, learn Arabic, Wudu, Salah, and much more!​

Kids memorize best through repetition. Our 3-year-old daughter has memorized multiple surahs by repeatedly listening to them. Your child’s Quran Speaker features sheikh Mohammad Siddique El-Minshawi’s recitation followed by children repeating the ayah, which helps your child memorize in a fun interactive way.​ 

Your child will definitely love it! 

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  1. 18 Reciters
  2. 15 Translations
  3. Learn Salah
  4. Learn Wudu
  5. Pillars of Islam & Iman
  6. Nasheeds
  7. Zikr
  8. Duaa
  9. Prophets’ Stories
  10. Arabic Alphabet
  11. Various Light modes

Box includes​:

Speaker, remote control, USB charger, and plug.


4 Pamphlets (Wudu, Salah, Pillars of Islam & Iman, Hisn Almuslim) and 1 Book (Qaida Nooraniyah)



Black, Gold, Silver


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